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Kuule mua!

The Kuule mua! (Hear me!) campaign makes room for those voices that are unheard. One of the long-term listeners is Poikien Puhelin, a free of charge phone and chat service in Finland, to whom especially boys under 20 can call. The service provides professional information on everyday life and sexuality, corrects misunderstandings and talks boldly about emotions and the interests of boys. The professional team supports the diversity of being a boy and tells them every day that they are OK just the way they are.

Last year, the team received almost 47 000 calls. They can only answer to a quarter of those calls. Tens of thousands voices remain unheard. With the support of this campaign the service would be able to keep open during holidays, for instance, Christmas.

From every Kuule mua! item sold we donate at least 20 % to the Family Federation of Finland to support equal sexual rights in Finland and globally. The donation helps Poikien Puhelin to have their service open during holidays. The campaign runs until January 2nd 2019.