Ivana Helsinki

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Ivana Helsinki

Palopirtintie 15
00930 Helsinki
Love Stories, Road Trips & Dresses //
Northern Oddity, Pure Beauty & Wildwood Vagabonds

Ivana Helsinki is a Finnish independent fashion, art and film brand founded by Pirjo and Paola Suhonen in 1998. In 20 years, Ivana Helsinki has become one of Finlands internationally best-known art and design brands.

Art is the starting point of all Ivana Helsinki design work. Everything begings with art - influenced by photography, music and personal memories. Much like art, Ivana Helsinki designs are ageless investment pieces.

Ivana Helsinki is a way to express oneself and beauty through style. Ivana Helsinkis clothing collection is a contrasting combination of strong and delicate, feminine aesthetics.

Designer Paola Suhonen describes herself as a story teller. Ivana Helsinki collections always have a strong, personal story behind all the prints and silhouettes of the dresses.

Ivana Helsinki is 100% family-owned company, owned by the Suhonen family.