Aka Bubble

Gift bag included in every purchase.

Aka Bubble

Fleminginkatu 25 Piharakennus
00500 Helsinki
Aka Bubble is a clothing studio founded 2015 in Helsinki, Finland by Ting-Yun Huang. We focus on sustainable design. Clothes hand made from quality materials that takes the environment into consideration.

The organic line is available for kids, babies and adults. The fabrics are GOTS-certified and has a mild and friendly character to them. The cotton we use breathes and the bamboo is antibacterial. These clothes are gentle both for you and nature.
Kuka tai ketkä ova kaupan takana ja mistä idea siihen lähti? 
Aka Bubble is a clothing studio founded 2015 in Helsinki, Finland by clothing designer Ting-Yun Huang, aka Bubble.

Bubble started paying attention to ethnical and sustainable design after experiencing negative effects from chemical dyes during her studies. She decided to start her own studio to make safe and friendly clothes.
Montako ihmistä yrityksessänne työskentelee? 
At the moment, Bubble is the only full time worker.
Mitkä ovat olleet toimintanne kohokohtia? 
Seeing people wearing our products is always the best moment! It's an amazing feeling to hear positive feedbacks!

One of our customers told us she couldn't wait for the garment to dry because our tank top is the most comfortable clothes she owns. She ended up buying six more tank tops, so she doesn't have to wait for wet laundry.

Other than that, discovering great materials and better technical solutions is the highlight in our daily studio life.
Millä tavalla pyritte parantamaan ympäristön ja ihmisten hyvinvointia? 
Provide products which is long-lasting is the essence of Aka Bubble. In each step of the design and production, quality is always the prior concern.
Onko teidän pitänyt luopua jostakin kestävämmän ja vastuullisemman toimintatavan vuoksi? 
Probably short-term profits and bigger markets. Sustainable design has been growing, however there are still much left to do to make people be more aware of it.
Mikä on yrityksenne tulevaisuuden visio? 
Mikä inspiroi teitä? 
People/human behaviors. Each individual is unique and beautiful in her/his own way which can be the most inspiring research.
Tuotteet ja tuotanto
Mikä tuote kuvaa teitä parhaiten ja miksi? 
All purchases from Aka Bubble comes with our cotton gift bag. This bag is made to be used continuously in the future. We want to avoid disposable items with our products.
Mikä erottaa tuotteenne tavanomaisesta markettituotteesta? 
Millä tavoilla pyritte tekemään tuotteista pitkäikäisiä? Mitä esimerkiksi tuotesuunnittelussa on otettava huomioon? 
Millainen on ollut paras saamanne palaute tuotteistanne? 
Customers usually return to buy more and recommend my clothes to their friends. On a more specific note, customers really notice the softness of the fabrics I use.
Mikä toisen valmistajan tuote on mielestänne lyömätön yliveto omien tuotteidenne lisäksi? 
Millaisia raaka-aineita ja materiaaleja suositte tuotteiden valmistuksessa? 
Natural materials made ethically.
Mitkä seikat tekevät tuotteistanne ympäristöystävällisen? 
We focus on sustainable design. Our clothes are hand made from GOTS and OEKO-TEX® certified materials that takes the environment into consideration.
Oletteko selvillä siitä missä, kuka ja miten on valmistanut tuotteenne osat? 
Yes, our fabric supplier works with organic cotton farmers in India. Once in a while, we receive photos of the cotton farms, farmers, their kids and the knitting process of our fabrics. It is wonderful to see the process.
Miten pakkaatte tuotteenne? 
All clothes are packed in our gift bags.

Customers who choose to receive by post, will receive the product and gift bag in Posti box.
Millaisia vaihtoehtoja suositte tuotteiden kuljettamisessa? 
If customers are interested in picking up the purchase from the studio in Helsinki, they are also welcomed.
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