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The Pilou

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The Pilou

Strandvägen 26
61935 TROSA

About The Pilou

The Pilou is a Scandinavian slow-fashion brand that stands for timeless and sustainable fashion. By creating multi-functional garments, the Pilou fits the modern woman at any occasion. The Pilou can be altered into various styles like a long or short vest, a dress or a poncho, and comes in various fabrics like lambswool, cashmere, silk, cotton and rainproof fabric.

With a vision to create a sustainable garment to that fits the modern woman in any occasion The Pilou was established in 2013 by the Swedish-Norwegian duo Louise Nilsson and Thea Messel. It started with a pilou in black wool that now has developed in to different materials with the same multi functional idea, where the grament can be created to various styles like a short vest, dress, scarf, long vest.

What makes Pilou unique is that is suits all women, no matter size or shape. ”We didn’t realize its' great potential until we ended up wearing it ourselves, everyday."

Our Pilou family has grown over the years. We keep the style simple but we have extended our line in different fabrics. However, our first Pilou was made of classic black wool and it is still most often our customer's first choice when becoming a part of the Pilou family.

Our vision - Timeless and Sustainable fashion

Our vision is to create a garment that is the missing piece in a woman's wardrobe. The style is timeless and goes in line with our values of sustainable fashion. By investing in one Pilou, you have a garment that will last for years due to the high quality. We believe that Pilou never will be out of fashion because it is our customers who set the trends. We keep our production close to us. This means that we are highly involved in the production, whether it is hand made in Stockholm, Oslo, Copenhagen or in Shanghai. A close relation to or tailors is of great importance to us.

The design - Keep it simple

The style is classic and it is characterized by simplicity and seeks individual identity. It can be worn as a dress, jacket, west or poncho. The folding of the Pilou is highly individual - it can be dressed short or tall, with or without accessories.