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Njálla Clothing

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Njálla Clothing
Taivalmäki 9
02200 Espoo

Njálla Clothing is a ecological yoga- and activewear brand. Njálla is built on beautiful designs, comfortable cuttings, responsibility and collaboration.

Njálla is known of its unique art prints painted in Finland and inspired by the Nordic nature. Inspired by the diversity of the harsh Nordic nature and its ability to recover almost in any circumstances while shining in multiple colors, Njálla wants to spread that beauty through products with unique handmade art. Each product with Njálla’s beautiful print is a little piece of handmade art from Nordic nature. Njálla designs and owns the art print designs which makes the products unique. As well the designs & cuttings are all designed together with Finnish yoga professionals focusing on the feeling of comfort while practicing or just being.

Love towards nature and all the species reflects the ecological material choices and unique prints designed by Njálla. All the materials used in Njálla’ s products meets ecological standards. We want to do our part in creating clothes for more sustainable future. Cultivating ecological awareness through apparel by using sustainable materials and following ethical guidelines in terms of worker compensations are vital to us.

As a brand and as a company valuing nature and animals, we want to do our best in taking action and advocating climate change, conservation and animal rights. We believe making small things for more sustainable future matter. Njálla does collaboration with organizations meeting the same values.

Be part of our journey towards more sustainable future. We are the writers of tomorrow so use your pen wisely. Let´s write kinder and more sustainable story of the future together. Find your silver linings on a journey with Njálla.

With love from Finland,