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Mori Collective

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Mori Collective

Eurantie 8-10 lh 216
00550 Helsinki

We are Tytti & Jenni – two women who were brought together by snowboarding many years ago. Soon we realized that we shared many other interests as well. Both of us were studying clothing industry and had a dream of having an own company some day.

Some years ago, we both got a strong feeling that this was the right moment to make our dreams come true. We realized that together we are stronger than by ourselves. This is how the journey of Mori Collective began.

At Mori Collective we share the same values and work together to reach the same goal. Our aim is to find sustainable solutions to design and produce stylish clothing with values that are based on taking care of the environment, and the people involved.

In the world ruled by global fast fashion this is a huge challenge. We nevertheless believe in better options and seek roads less travelled. With our brands Mori and Diamonds From Dirt we can make a difference step by step.

With Love, Tytti & Jenni

Designer Story

Mori Collective - ajatonta ja materiaalilähtöistä designia

Yhdessä asiakkaidensa kanssa Mori Collective haluaa muuttaa vaatetuotantoa ja ajattelutapaa kestävämpään suuntaan.
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