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Karibu! ‘Welcome' to Kipepeo Clothing!

Who doesn’t know the story of the butterfly whose very wingbeat causes a storm ? The wingbeat of Kipepeo (‘butterfly’ in Kiswahili) occurred in 2008 in a school in Tanzania and came in the form of a child’s sketch given as a present to assistant teacher Martin.

Martin printed this drawing on a T-Shirt. What was intended to be a personal souvenir turned into so much more. Since 2010 a vast number of children’s drawings are finding their way onto T-Shirts made in Tanzania and Kenya out of organically-grown cotton using fair trading practices. The proceeds from the sale of these special products supports the schools which create these outstanding and unique motives

Kipepeo shirts are packed with beauty and history and are the wearable proof that even a child’s pencil drawing can change the world just a little.

We welcome you to be a part of this story !

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Vaatemerkki Kipepeo Clothing tukee toiminnallaan Itä-Afrikan lapsia ja nuoria.