Pohjoismaiden suurin vastuullisen designin kauppapaikka vuodesta 2013.


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Villardi 24
10136 Tallinn Harjumaa

Hyrv is a Scandinavian high-end jewelry brand based in Tallinn (Estonia).
Hyrv’s signature design is inspired by nature’s pure lines and beauty. The name Hyrv, in Estonian 'hirv' means 'deer' and comes from the nickname, which Hyrv's creative director and jeweller Kateryna Pishon got from her classmates because of her looks. Also the symbolical meaning influenced Kateryna to name the brand by that beautiful animal: “In ancient cultures deer was a symbol of spiritual authority and regeneration. The deer symbolizes harmony, happiness, peace and longevity, just like the jewelry I make.”

Hyrv’s fine jewelry collections are affordable luxury pieces, which are marked by careful design and attention to detail, with a strong emphasis on sculptural forms and sustainable use of materials. Used are only natural stones and precious metals. Packiging materials are always sustainable.

One of the base principles is the belief that everything in the universe is united. Each shape in nature implies repetition in many places, from geological folds to ripples on water, from wrinkles in skin to pleats in clothing. ”I love to catch these interconnections and subtle moments of beauty. I never see things as they are, instead I transform and design nature in my own way,” says creative director and jeweller Kateryna Pishon.

Hyrv’s signature is sophisticated jewelry that embodies dimension and clean lines. Thinking through every single detail, there is nothing superfluous in Hyrv’s jewellery. All jewelry is handmade and produced in Estonia. Hyrv is recognized as the best high-jewelry studio in Estonia and the brand’s jewelry is frequently worn by President of Estonia, Kersti Kaljulaid.

Hyrv is also well known for its bespoke jewelry and engagement rings. While working on collections and custom jewelry, the most important factor that jeweller Kateryna Pishon keeps in mind, is the person who is going to wear it. “My meetings with clients remind sometimes meetings with psychologist. It is extremely important for me to understand the entity of a customer for who I’m creating the jewelry piece,” says Kateryna “As all Hyrv customers are different individuals, every custom-made item has its own story and character. The same is with collections. Each Hyrv’s jewelry collection has it’s own personal story.”


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