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Formal Friday

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Formal Friday

Telakkakatu 6, Building 24
00150 Helsinki

The story of Formal Friday – How five guys from Finland started to make better clothing

Have you ever wondered why extreme and outdoor sports clothing are so much better in terms of quality, functionality, and durability compared to typical fashion or street wear clothes? We certainly did. So much, that it became the starting point of our journey and mission: To make good looking and stylish clothing, but always considering the functionality, effortlessness, and quality of the garments. What this means is that our clothes are not just insanely cool, but they are always designed for a purpose, for actual living. This is how our ideology Functional Fashion got started.

Material, or the fabric, is perhaps the biggest contributor to garments quality and usability. That is why we wanted to find the best possible materials for every garment. Most of the times, one material stood out from the crowd: nature’s own technical material Merino Wool.

Naturally, merino is just one of the functional materials out there, so sometimes other fabrics work better for intended use. That is why we will continue to look and develop the best materials and fabrics in the world and bring them to you in ways you have not seen before.

Our values are based on quality and sustainability. Our actions are based on ethically and environmentally sustainable choices. We manufacture in Finland and other nearby countries so that we can make sure that every garment we produce are made in good working conditions and we can proudly stand behind every piece.

And who are we? Group of friends with very different backgrounds; an Entrepreneur-guy, a Designer-guy, an Engineer-guy, an Economics-guy, and a Sales-guy. All equipped with a shared passion and enthusiasm to create something great and long lasting. Not just the best possible clothes, but to make your life a bit easier by being creative and innovative on every step of the journey.