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Tatari 64
10134 Tallinn Harjumaa

Embrace a lifetime of luxury and warmest emotions!
Luxuriate in the natural warmth and beauty of an ALPAKA item and continue a tradition that stretches back thousands of years. Our luxury clothing and homeware, made from the fur and wool of the Andean alpaca, is designed with a distinctly Nordic sensibility to bring you timeless luxury and enduring style. Take a quiet moment to revel in the unrivaled beauty and comfort offered by alpaca fur and wool.

Luxurious, durable and extremely rare, the wool and fur of the Andean alpaca are unrivaled by any other natural fibre. The harsh environment at the altitude of 3500-5000 meters that these camelids call home has the result of making their fleece extremely smooth and silky to touch. By being hypo-allergic, heat-efficient and lightweight as well as dirt, water and wind resistant - alpaca fibre is truly the most superior fibre in the world.

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