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00610 Helsinki

The philosophy behind YCM is to design minimalistic beautiful earrings and necklaces, which are ethically manufactured.

Designer Janttu was born in Oulu and her hometown has been Helsinki since 2001. Now the little one-woman-jewellery factory is rolling in Käpylä. Janttu has studied fashion design in Helsinki and the label was founded in 2009. Products are designed to be your long time favourite ones. I have made them with love.

Style picks

Jewellery in Autumn Colours

This autumn, jewellery is vibrant with warm hues and earth tones. Pick out your earrings and necklace according to the season's most fabulous colours.

Made in Finland

There are numerous interesting domestic brands in Weecos and they are easy to find with the Made in Finland sustainability stamp.
Style picks

Best Boho Style For Summer

Bohemian hippie style for summer! Take off your shoes and feel the Mother Earth underneath your toes.