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Wulf & Supply
Isonnevantie 33 A12

Greetings from Oulu!

We are a one man company.
A guy from Vantaa moved couple of years ago to Oulu to study.
He had always dreamed about running his own company and now he had the time for it and some vision to do so. Our first product was wooden eye-wear but now we have started to manufacture clothing to bad-ass people and added some cool extra accessory to our catalog!

We think that life is a chance! We all have to enjoy ourselves and after all no one will save us. We all are responsible for our own happiness.

We are concerned about our planet and nature, sustainability is our key to success!

Zero waste from over producing products, we manufacture every order on demand. We ship directly from our manufacturer warehouse from Riga or Helsinki. (Only for clothing and caps)

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