Nordic's first marketplace for ethical and ecological fashion and design. Since 2013.

Why We Exist?

Our Mission & Vision

When was launched in 2013, the need for products respecting people and the planet was in a great increase. Bold, sustainable brands were founded all the time in Finland and around the world. These brands, however, were very hard to find or far beyond reach. Although we tried, we couldn’t find a service were these responsible brands would have been gathered together. This inspired us to develop a solution – a digital centre of sustainable lifestyle and a counterforce for disposable shopping culture, Weecos.

From the very first steps of Weecos, we have had two goals. First, we want that the quality products of the sustainable brands are easy to find by those customers who want to purchase products and services reliably and according to their values. Second, we want to change people’s attitudes towards a more conscious way to consume and a sustainable lifestyle. We must take care of our planet and keep it viable.

Instead of just chatting and reporting, we want to act. We want to carry our responsibility as a corporate citizen and be part of the solution and solve societal challenges, such as human rights, climate change and circular economy. Via Weecos we all have the possibility to promote change and when we’re all making small decisions at the same time, they will create together a gigantic change!


We and Weecos exists because

•    we want to unite sustainable designers and brands with conscious minds and encourage people to make purchase decisions easily according to their values.

•    we want to participate, together with inspirational brands and customers, in creating a better society, which affects the environment positively.

•    we want to break and change the existing consumption habits and business models.