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Hi & welcome to our small & ethical textile brand from Rauma/Finland. Way too many people work in textiles nowadays, right? But how much do we know about how exactly those textiles were made. Where? By whom? How? All the important questions, right? We do believe textiles at low prices paired with unfair exploitation of nature & human resources are NOT a sustainable future option. That’s why we created Werkleray – we make textiles DIFFERENTLY. And we try to think differently about textiles. To inspire. To make think. To make textiles better, TOGETHER. We hope you share the same values!
Curious to know more, who’s behind and what happens on daily basis? Check the @werkleray Instagram & Stories – many questions, thoughts, leads and inspiration about textiles and not only, come say hi and tag friends who may be interested to help us create textiles than make positive impact!


Organic materials

Nowadays, there’s a growing number of those who use organic materials in garments and home textiles. But what does organic mean and what does GOTS stand for?