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Vuolas Circular Design

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Vuolas Circular Design


Hello, I’m Saara, material-driven, nature-loving designer and craftswoman. I want to create something beautiful and functional from materials that have already been used. Recycled is beautiful and interesting. For example, the silver used in the Vuosi collection, has already been an x-ray film, who knows what it has seen already. And today, it’s jewellery. In the future, it can be melted again and the silver can continue its cycle.

In addition to recycled materials, I use excess and low-impact natural materials. I’m continuously in a hunt for new and better materials. I also love learning new crafting techniques and working with materials such as silver and natural stone. On the other hand, new innovative materials excite me equally. All the products are made in my workshop in Espoo and you can see they are handmade, with love.

Vuolas means fast-flowing in Finnish. The word reminds me of the intact Finnish nature, its tranquil lakeside and flowing waters. Vuolas Circular Design also refers to efficient, yet ecological, material flows in circular economy.

Love, take care and wear your Vuolas piece ♥


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