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VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa

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VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa
Rauhankatu 7, 00170 Helsinki (putiikki & showroom)
Vanha Pisantie 8, 02280 Espoo (asiakaspalautukset, painostudio, tuotanto)
00170 Helsinki

Pattern forms the surface, sensitivity meets strength and old becomes new in VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa upcycled design. VILMURI love the quality of the recycled: patterns and texture, leather and silk, thoughtful, hand-crafted details and MOLA-decoration.

Upcycled, illustrated accessories and apparel, the most popular illustrated tights, leggings and socks.

Ecodesign means all of the products that are eco-ethically produced. Vilmuri by Vilma Wallinmaa only focuses on up-cycling and reproduction. It seeks to use an existing textile waste and prevent the waste of the new born. Ecodesign company VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa offers a personal, characteristic touch with up-cycled products and services. We specialize in a variety of recycled printing and printing services.

VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa


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