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viilu jewelry

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viilu jewelry

Kalliolantie 99
03600 Karkkila

Trees have provided from the beginning of times material for us and explained the fundamental laws of life. Wood has been always deeply connected with people. In Summer 2017 was born viilu jewelry – from the passion for wood. Viilu is a Finnish word which means veneer, a thin layer of wood.

Behind the design is a designer couple Tobias and Susanna Feuerbacher. The attraction of the design is based on a combination of clear shapes and lively texture of wood.

viilu jewelry is handmade of pine, smoked oak, colored birch and silver. We manufacture our products with care in our studio at an old farm called Koivisto. Finishing of the jewelry is made by hand. This way we want to honor the material and give a hand made touch to it. Like every tree, every piece of wood has its own character and story to tell.