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Eerikinkatu 3
00100 Helsinki

Vestiarium* is a womenswear concept created to support and celebrate purposeful women of the world. To offer slow fashion for speedy women.

For us, ‘slow fashion’ means a gradually evolving collection. Each seasonal collection is a combination of newcomers and classics available from one season to another. It also means ethical, local production in family-run boutiques in Estonia and Finland. And it means high-quality natural materials and carefully finetuned designs.

’For speedy women’ then means a fit-for-purpose collection especially designed for women who want to dress well, regardless of their busy lifestyles. It means interesting, but office-savvy designs. Clothes that serve these women from early morning to late evening, and are easy to combine and dress up and down.

The perfect wardrobe is a dream that can become reality. Step by step. That’s why we founded Vestiarium. To do our part to make dressing well easier, more enjoyable and more ethical.

*latin for wardrobe.

Sustainable Classics

Sustainable Basics

Basic clothes are the clothes we wear every day. A simple t-shirt, pair of cozy trousers and comfortable underwear.

Miljövänliga vårfavoriter

Hållbart mode som är bra för både mänskor och miljön, hur går det ihop?