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Linnankatu 61
20100 Turku

WINTER TIME! :) We recommend adding a long-duration heating pack to your basket when ordering an item! This will ensure that the air plant is protected during shipping. The heatpack is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, made using only natural substances and disposable with regular trash!

DISPATCH TIME: We recommend to place an order as soon as possible to make sure the package arrives in time. Products are shipped within 1-2 business days after placing the order.

SHIPPING TIME: If you live in Finland or in Europe: order before 14.12.
If you live outside Europe: order before 6.12.

We ship worldwide!

We include a printed note with the instructions in every order to make it easier for you!

TillaPallo air plant terrariums contain exciting air plants and hand-picked decoration materials from the Finnish and Scandinavian nature. Our glass orbs are designed by us and blown locally at Lasi-Kostamo, a traditional glassblower family's manufacture. TillaPallo comes from Turku, Finland, where Elias Tillandz, the godfather of air plants was a professor at the academy.

Air plants are very easy to take care of. Nutrients are absorbed through the leaves of the plant, therefore they don't need soil. They need a normal amount of light, like other houseplants, and a spritz of water once a week. We give care instructions for every plant specific for the species you receive! They are available in different shapes and forms, as Tillandsia air plants include more than 700 species in the nature. They are native to South-America and they became very popular in Finland, because of the exciting look and the easy caring routine.

We would like to offer a unique home decoration ornament which fits well with Nordic design, handmade in Finland, while being a curiosity for plant-lovers.

We are two Finland fan Hungarians, Eszter and Patrik, living in this beautiful country for many years now. Patrik is a full-time biologist and Eszter is the creator of tillapallo terrariums. We have a deep interest in plants and nature in general.

'tillapallo' is a tribute to air plants and also to Finnish language: Tilla comes from Tillandsia, the Latin name of air plants, and pallo means orb in Finnish.


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