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Kanavaranta 15
00160 Helsinki

Young designers Mila Moisio and Kaisa Rissanen established TAUKO in 2008. TAUKO rediscovers the humor of femininity and gets very serious when it comes to environmental values and social responsibility. Fresh, local and high quality, total break from mass production!

TAUKO uses recycled hospital textiles and gives them a new life as raw material for high-quality clothes of nice softness and durability. The production takes place in Nokia (Finland), Loksa (Estonia) and Lodz (Poland).


Shorts and Jumpsuits

We gathered light and cool summer wear for the upcoming heat wave.
Sustainable Classics

Sustainable Basics

Basic clothes are the clothes we wear every day. A simple t-shirt, pair of cozy trousers and comfortable underwear.
Style picks

Festive Colors & Bling

Solid colors, shiny metallic accessories and silver jewellery will make you dazzle in all the spring parties.