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Messipojantie 20B, 4krs
90520 Oulu
YO ZEN is a design studio based in Oulu, Finland. Our concept is to design objects that are cool right now but are so carefully designed that they feel relevant even 50 years from now.

Whooper swan, the national bird of Finland, has a special place in our hearts. In the winter of 2010 we fed and took care of an injured swan to help him survive the cold winter that reached the temperatures of -30 C degrees. In the spring the nestling named as Jens grew stronger, flew away and left a mark to all of us who followed his journey. After that winter we formed our duo, YO ZEN Design.

Phonetically YO ZEN (joutsen) sounds like the Finnish word for swan, joutsen.

YO reflects our hip and cool ambitions and ZEN the calmness and effortlessness of our products. Through YO ZEN we want to share our passion for design – create and sell products that we ourselves would want to buy. Products are meant to be fun, just as the design process is for us. We’re just best friends having a good time!

YO ZEN Kids Originals is YO ZENs first children´s clothes collection. The simple but stylish clothes are timeless and fit for every occasion. The collection consists of solid black and black and white YO ZEN print clothes that are easy to combine with other clothes and colours. YO ZENs philosophy is to design clothes that are so carefully designed that they feel relevant even after in any season, and the collection doesn´t have to be updated all the time.

The swan from the YO ZEN logo has flown to freedom and appears in a graphic pattern. The origami theme has been studied from a new point of view and the three dimensional form has been flattened once again into a two dimensional figure. The swan design is associated with a lot of symbolism. In an ancient Japanese legend, the origami swan is considered as a means to make a wish, such as long life or recovery from illness or injury. It is also a symbol of honor and loyalty. In western world the swan symbolizes union, bond and partnership.