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Every tree, every piece of wood has its own character and story to tell.

viilu jewelry

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Trees have provided from the beginning of times material for us and explained the fundamental laws of life. Wood has been always deeply connected with people. In Summer 2017 was born viilu jewelry – from the passion for wood. Viilu is a Finnish word which means veneer, a thin layer of wood.

Behind the design is a designer couple Tobias and Susanna Feuerbacher. The attraction of the design is based on a combination of clear shapes and lively texture of wood.

viilu jewelry is handmade of pine, smoked oak, colored birch and silver. We manufacture our products with care in our studio at an old farm called Koivisto. Finishing of the jewelry is made by hand. This way we want to honor the material and give a hand made touch to it. Like every tree, every piece of wood has its own character and story to tell.
Who is behind the shop and where the idea came from? 
We are designer couple Susanna and Tobias Feuerbacher. viilu jewelry is jewelry label, that was born from passion for wood. viilu jewelry combines our areas of expertise, Tobias's carpenter and Susanna's goldsmith skills.

We want to make the world a little bit more lovable and livable by providing and manufacturing sustainable products that take into account the burden of the nature throughout the life cycle of the product.
How many people work for your company? 
We are behind the viilu jewelry, as designers and also as manufacturers.
What have been the highlights for your company? 
The launch of our first jewelry collection. Excited and encouraged reactions by lovely people.
How do you aim to improve the welfare of the environment and human. 
We want to influence the existing consumer culture by designing products, that will have a long lifespan and make burden to the nature as little as possible.

Wood is a renewable material. Most of the wood we use is Finnish, birch and pine. This way we can make sure that the wood veneer is produced in good and safe working conditions while also supporting Finnish work. The oak we use is from Germany. By using European wood, we don't damage rainforests or destroy endangered species. Through dyed birch makes it possible for the end product to have a longer life cycle compared to lacquered or surface treated wood. Color doesn't fade away, but remains unchanged despite bumps and scratches. Dyeing is done in Finland and its main raw material 90% is water.
Has your company had to give up something to be more sustainable and responsible? 
No. We believe that success in the future will only be possible for those who work ecologically and socially responsible.
What are your visions for the future? 
We would like to make and design other products alongside jewelry by using wood veneer, for example our own viilu furniture.
What is your motto? 
We want to make the world a little more livable and lovable.
What inspires you? 
Nature and man-made environment as well as wood – the material itself. Its opportunities and limits. Wood can't be forced into all possible shapes, just as it would have its own will.
Products and product creation
Which product best describes you and why? 
kaari collection combines the best our fields of expertise. The form language describes well viilu jewelry, at the same time soft and strong. Additionally, the collection is made with zero waste ideology. No more than wooden dust is left over.
How do your products add value for your customers compared to basic market products? 
Each product has the touch of the hand. All the wood parts are made by us with scroll saw and plug drill.

The criteria for materials and production selection is focused on ecology and ethics.
How do you aim to produce long lasting products? What this requires for example from the product design? 
Our knowledge, design, carpenter and jewelry guarantees the quality both in the technical implementation of the product and in the design. We always test the durability of jewelry before putting the product on the market, how the product works in practice and how much burden it can handle (moisture testing, for example). We strive to create products that are also long lasting in design. We rely on clear lines, reduced form language and high quality materials.
What is the best feedback you have received from your products? 
Jewelry with freshness, recognisable design and light to wear.
What product do you find superb that was made by someone other than you? 
TAUKO's products combine such an ideology and timeless style that inspires us.
What materials you prefer in production? 
Natural materials, European wood and recycled silver.
What makes your products environmentally friendly? 
We manufacture jewelry in our own studio, we prefer domestic wood and we use 100% recycled silver excluding silver chains.
Are you aware of where the part of your products (materials etc.) are made and by whom and in what circumstances? 
Yes. We manufacture viilu jewelry mostly ourselves at our studio. We cast silver parts in Finland and finish them at out studio. Silver chains are manufactured in Italy.
How do you pack your products? 
We have designed the packaging of our jewelry. It's manufactured in Finland out of recycled and FSC certified cardboard. The packaging contains no plastic.
What alternatives you prefer for the product delivery? 
We use Post Green services. We are considering using RePack.
5 tips you could give someone interested in a more sustainable way of life. 
1. Find out about the origin of the products, how and where are the products manufactured.
2. Prefer products, that are produced as near as possible.
3. Consider product's life span. The longer the lifetime is the less the nature has burden. Can the product be for example repaired?
4. Consider whether the product is recyclable when its life cycle comes to an end.
5. Reduce the use of plastic, prefer natural materials.