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Nallukka® (meaning same as Teddybear) was born and lives even today in Porvoo Finland. A babygirl Siiri got this cute teddy as a gift 2001 and they have been inseparable since then.

First stories was published year 2008 in Finnish and in Swedish. Next one is a Christmas story, the Seventh.

Kids leather mittens are the most popular product.

Nallukka is a registered trademark. Nallukka values sustainable lifestyle, traditions, equality. Nallukka encourages all to enjoy life and nature.
Who is behind the shop and where the idea came from? 
First there was a little toy teddybear named Nallukka. It was a gift to a babygirl Siiri. Even today Nallukka is an important part of Siiri´s family.
After a while I, Anne, Nallukka´s "godmother", started writing up Nallukka´s adventures and books were published.

And in a while, other products were born as well. The most popular of all are the kids handmade leather mittens.
How many people work for your company? 
What have been the highlights for your company? 
How do you aim to improve the welfare of the environment and human. 
Nallukka values sustainable lifestyle, traditions, equality. Nallukka encourages all to enjoy life and nature.
Has your company had to give up something to be more sustainable and responsible? 
Nallukka products are handmade, every mitten is sent to the customer with a warm thougt.
Nallukka can't compete with big factories and massive productions. Instead Nallukka´s dearest wish is to have happy and pleased customers. With warm hands and heart, of course...
What are your visions for the future? 
I hope in the future Nallukka will be well-known and wanted trademark. But without lowering any of the standards Nallukka values.
What is your motto? 
Pidä huolta kaveristasi.
What inspires you? 
Little ones, children, babies... They inspire! Kids have all the best stories, they are honest and fair, and all the craziest ideas come from them.
Products and product creation
Which product best describes you and why? 
Nallukka is proud of the leather mittens. They keep up even in this modern world where everything is "smart-digi-data" -sort of things.
How do your products add value for your customers compared to basic market products? 
We would like to bring colours and nice designs in mitten fashion. There are black ones too, they are still the most popular, but in time, maybe, even the boulder colours gets to be choosed.
How do you aim to produce long lasting products? What this requires for example from the product design? 
When used right, genuine leather lasts for ages. Anyway for many years. That´s a good way to save the nature.
What is the best feedback you have received from your products? 
What product do you find superb that was made by someone other than you? 
What materials you prefer in production? 
What makes your products environmentally friendly? 
Long lifetime of the product is a favor to the environment.
Are you aware of where the part of your products (materials etc.) are made and by whom and in what circumstances? 
How do you pack your products? 
What alternatives you prefer for the product delivery? 
5 tips you could give someone interested in a more sustainable way of life. 
Enjoy non-material things.