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Rauhankatu 7
00170 Helsinki
Herné is an accessory brand founded by designer Heli Väätäinen in 2013. All items are made in Finland by hand of excess and upcycled materials.

Herné is based on ecological and ethical values. Sustainability carries through in all the design processes and the ideology behind the label. Unique pieces and small production quantities enable limited and customised editions along with the main collection.

Rauhankatu 7
00170 Helsinki

Heli Väätäinen
+358 504127771
Who is behind the shop and where the idea came from? 
Behind Herné you can find the accessory designer Heli Väätäinen. As I was studying millinery, I became more and more drawn to launching my own brand. Eventually, at 2013, I started Herné - based on ecological and ethical values. All my products are made in Helsinki by hand and love!
How many people work for your company? 
I mainly make all the products by myself - sometimes there are great interns to help me with sewing.
What have been the highlights for your company? 
For example in 2016 I received a Design from Finland -mark. In January 2017 I opened my own shop in Helsinki. Above all, I enjoy making custom orders for happy customers!
How do you aim to improve the welfare of the environment and human. 
I always choose recycled or excess material when possible. I also use even the smallest pieces of leather for my earrings. Ecology is a way of life, at home and at work.
Has your company had to give up something to be more sustainable and responsible? 
Sometimes I have to limit the amount of products I can produce from the same material, e.g. same color leather. On the other hand, I love making unique accessories, so it is also a plus!
What are your visions for the future? 
Edit: Dream fulfilled in January 2017!

I dream about opening my own shop in Helsinki.
What is your motto? 
Anna Hernén maustaa garderoobisi!
Let Herné spice up your garderobe!
What inspires you? 
I'm inspired for example by colorful leather, surprising combinations and painting different surfaces.
Products and product creation
Which product best describes you and why? 
Handpainted leather bag. Unique and colorful with a lot of personality!
How do your products add value for your customers compared to basic market products? 
Small production batches, unique design, locally handmade products, ecological values.
How do you aim to produce long lasting products? What this requires for example from the product design? 
What is the best feedback you have received from your products? 
What product do you find superb that was made by someone other than you? 
What materials you prefer in production? 
What makes your products environmentally friendly? 
Recycled and excess materials as well as making everything by hand at my studio. I also use my own excess materials as inspiration for new designs.
Are you aware of where the part of your products (materials etc.) are made and by whom and in what circumstances? 
How do you pack your products? 
What alternatives you prefer for the product delivery? 
5 tips you could give someone interested in a more sustainable way of life.