100% European hemp. Made in Finland.


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HEMPEA home textiles and bed clothes bring natural soft, blissful moments into your life.

HEMPEA products are always 100 % hemp. They are made sustainably and eco-friendly in Finland from European hemp fabric.

HEMPEA was born in 2017 in Northern Finland out of love for the Planet Earth, the greatest inspiration in our designs. The word hempeä means gentle, sweet and soft in Finnish.

Marja-Maija Valtonen, the founder of HEMPEA, is a nature-lover, wife and a mother. Marja-Maija lives and works in the woods way above the Arctic Circle in Inari, Finland. She loves to create new and explore the beautiful world around us. She loves to cherish each day and each moment.

Hemp is a naturally safe and ecofriendly material: no pesticides, no fertilizers and no irrigation is needed for its growth. Growing hemp improves soil quality and is an ideal crop rotation plant. The harvesting and processing of hemp is chemical-free. For dyeing of our fabrics only fiber-reactive, non-harmless dyes are used.

Join in with the gentle world of HEMPEA.
Who is behind the shop and where the idea came from? 
HEMPEA was started in Inari, Finland in 2017 by Marja-Maija Valtonen. For a long time I've wanted to bring products made of hemp fabric on the market: ecological, lasting, beautiful, timeless textiles. The goal of HEMPEA is to bring joy and sweetness to the world through ecological hemp products.
How many people work for your company? 
HEMPEA is a one woman company. In addition, I employ local entrepreneurs such as a seamstress and a photographer.
What have been the highlights for your company? 
Launching of the products.
How do you aim to improve the welfare of the environment and human. 
Hemp is an ecological material, that is grown without irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers. The fibers are made into fabric using traditional methods without chemicals and the fabric is dyed with harmless fiber-reactive dyes. The fabric is made in Romania.
The products are designed and made in Finland.
Has your company had to give up something to be more sustainable and responsible? 
Sustainability and responsibility are core values of the company. Often finding the sustainable solution is challenging, time consuming and more expensive. But we see no other alternative.
What are your visions for the future? 
What is your motto? 
The storm has settled. Elämässä riittää myrskyjä mutta ilman niitä ei olisi tasapainoa ja tyyneyttä.
What inspires you? 
HEMPEA is inspired by the nature of Lapland. Its peacefulness and the diversity of the different seasons.
Products and product creation
Which product best describes you and why? 
HEMPEA duvet cover, wrapping it around you will make you feel warm and at peace.
How do your products add value for your customers compared to basic market products? 
How do you aim to produce long lasting products? What this requires for example from the product design? 
Our products are hand made with care. They are designed and made to last.
What is the best feedback you have received from your products? 
What product do you find superb that was made by someone other than you? 
What materials you prefer in production? 
What makes your products environmentally friendly? 
All HEMPEA products are made of 100 % hemp fabric. Hemp is a naturally ecological material. As a natrual fiber it is also biodegradable. The products are designed according to minimum waste philosophy. Moreover, products made of the left-over fabrics are in planning.
Are you aware of where the part of your products (materials etc.) are made and by whom and in what circumstances? 
How do you pack your products? 
The products are packed with plastic bags and cardboard boxes made of recycled materials. As little as possible packing material is used.
What alternatives you prefer for the product delivery? 
5 tips you could give someone interested in a more sustainable way of life. 
Consume and buy in moderation. Choose quality, local and sustainable products. Find out how your actions and habits affect the environment. Pause, think what is important to you and enjoy it!