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Our aim at Puronen (Little Creek in Finnish) is to make clothes suitable both work and home, by using comfortable, sustainable and durable materials.

We’ve been making work wear for few years now, and it suddenly occurred us to wonder, why these kind of quality materials, comfortable and durable, are only used for work wear? Why was it our experience as consumers that it was difficult to find clothes with as good-quality materials in shops, as we were using in our work-wear collections? That’s why we thought we’d put some garments in the web shop and see if anyone agrees with us.

Because we want to make good garments and for a long time, we are naturally also interested in sustainability. For us it means these things:
- Durability: We use materials that have been developed especially for work wear, so they endure use and high washing temperatures.
- Timeless design: These are not high-fashion items, but classic shapes and designs that can be used for years.
- Design From Finland: We are a Finnish company, the design and pattern making is mostly in Finland, and also some of the production.
- European materials: We use materials from European fabric manufacturers. They do lots of research and development with fibres and production to make sure they can offer best possible materials. This is also a way of making sure the material manufacturers follow EU work and environmental laws. All of our materials have a ÖKÖ-TEX -certificate.
- Recycled materials: The recycled fibre in the knitted materials is made in Europe, from plastic bottles recycled in Europe. It is high-quality technical fibre, specifically developed for work wear that breathes well and keeps shape and colour.
- Less elastane: In our knitted fabrics we don’t use elastane, but they are flexible by structure. Adding elastane to a material usually makes it more short-lived and makes recycling more difficult. In some of our woven fabrics we use elastane for comfort, but it has been specifically developed for workwear and therefore endures higher washing temperatures and is more durable. Also the elastic band we use at waist has been developed in Finland to last higher washing temperatures.
- Tencel: Tencel is the cleanest and best-quality viscose fibre in the market and it is produced in Europe. The tencel we use is mainly manufactured from Eucalyptus, an its good qualities include breathability, comfort against skin and anti-odour quality. Tencel as a fibre is not tempting for bacterial growth, and therefore does not retain body odours like traditional sports wear does. You can read more of the tencel we use at www.tencel.com.
- Organic cotton: The cotton we use in our web shop is organic, which means for example no pesticides used in farming.
- Short transportation: We produce our clothes in Estonia, which means short transportation distances.
- Mending: Usually the first thing in trousers to wear out is the elastic waist band. On top of using a special, durable elastic band, the waists are also constructed so that it you can change the elastic if needed yourself and this way prolong the usage.
- No seasonal collections: We make clothes and expand the collection when needed, not because it’s a new Spring or Winter.
- No sales: We want to use and pay for high-quality European fabrics and production, and keep our margin reasonable, so that we can offer clothes for the right price.


Recycled Raw Material

Recycled products can be transformed into new raw materials, from which new products are made.