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Pietamo is a trademark, dressmaker's shop and a specialist shop for fabrics located in Tampere, Finland.
Our company was established in 2016 when we two cousins, Kirsi and Heidi, planning our future on our maternity leaves, decided to make our passion for fabrics and sewing into real business. The name of the shop got its form when combining parts of our last names together.

We produce and design our own models;
clothes, jewelry, knit caps and other accessories.

Kirsi has sewed a lot under her own business name and also working for other companies.
Sewing has been her true interest for a long time. She is a textile artisan by education since the year 2006.

Heidi has worked longtime in kindergarten. She got inspired for sewing already years ago and is now self-educated, skilled maker in sewing world. She has had her own HepsuS-mark for knit caps since the year 2013.

We want together improve and realise many kinds of ideas.
With our joyous work we want to offer unique products for everyday use as well as for special occasions.
We are proud to say that our products are made in Finland and they can be traced to us.
We want our working to be transparent and ethical. Our principles cover wish to produce ecologically and we aim at losing for waste as little amounts of fabric as possible. We want our fashionable collection consist of comfortable, long-lasting products which will not just endure in use but also delight the user year after year.

Welcome with us to the fascinating world of fabrics and sewing!


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