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Our Sustainability

Sustainability in Weecos

It is crucial to notice that sustainability is not a matter of black and white, and the terms ‘ecological’, ‘ethical’ and 'economic responsibility' with numerous shades go under the concept of sustainability.

When something is ‘ecological’, the emphasis is on environmental issues, such as the use of natural resources or recyclability of the product. ‘Ethical’ highlights human and animal rights. 'Economic responsibility' consist of, for instance, paying salaries for employees and taxes for society. These three terms include tens of other concepts, questions and nuances, and it is crucial to notice that a brand’s sustainability can happen in various ways. Therefore, when evaluating a brand’s sustainability, the whole life cycle of the product, from raw material and designing to sales and consumption and recyclability, must be taken into consideration.

It's good to notice that Weecos is an independent Ltd and our aim is to do profitable business. However, we want to change the attitude and habits of consumption to a lifestyle respecting people and the planet. We also want to act sustainably as part of society. This has been the core mission of Weecos since day one.



Each brand in Weecos has passed our sustainability auditing, which is developed together with experts. We are extremely grateful for all the experts and NGO’s who have shared their knowledge to us considering materials and environmental aspects.

The sustainability of the brand and the products are evaluated by the points of views of economic, social and environmental sustainability. The survey contains several sections that find information out on the products, the materials used, the production, immaterial rights, packaging and logistics, and the product care and the product’s recycling possibilities. With these questions, we want to find out that the brand has taken the whole life cycle of the product into consideration. In addition, the brand justifies its motivation to sustainable business and opens how the well-being of the entrepreneur and the employees are taken care of.

At the moment, three of our team members check the brand's survey before it can open a Weecos shop. We see also a clear need for a separate sustainability survey for cosmetics and home décor products and this is something we are working on. So far, the results of our sustainability survey have remained just in our knowledge. Now, the products have next to them our sustainability stamps, which clearly show what ecological and ethical aspects the products fulfil.



Sustainability as a concept is not an opinion. However, we can define our values into order and we can see ecological and ethical very differently than our friends. One must consider what kind of features appreciates the most. For instance, and simplified, someone wants to avoid plastic completely, and someone else has an emphasis on local production, someone stands for animal rights and the other values environmentally friendly materials the most.

We have worked very hard that both our and the Weecos brands' aspects of sustainability are more visible in the renewed Weecos. In our opinion, the most significant thing is that the brands open the products as transparently as possible, so everyone has the possibility to make a choice based on their own values. We also hope that our sustainability stamps help you to make choices according to your values.

Fortunately, nobody must learn all the nuances of sustainability in one night! Since sustainability and all its shades develop all the time, there’s always something new to learn for all of us.