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Our Story & Team

Find great adventures, one of a kind lifestyle and inspiration – welcome to the journey with us!

Hey, you! This is us, the two behind Weecos, friends since the elementary school started in 1988. It was raining, we were standing in the schoolyard, our mums were talking to each other, and we started chatting too. Never we had imagined that someday we would do business together!

The idea of a sustainable marketplace was born at the end of 2011 when we realised that one does not exist even though the trend was clear: people want to make better choices and that they are interested in the origins of the products they buy. Therefore, we decided to take matters into our own hands and offer people sustainable choices quickly, easily and trustworthily – give an alternative to disposable shopping culture.

Due to the rich imagination and adventurous minds, was opened in 2013.

Back then, during the service development process, we had three temporarily working employees in addition to us, and six pilot companies. From those days we have grown tremendously. We have now over 270 brands, approximately 55 000–75 000 visitors monthly in Weecos, five full-time employees, two offices in Nokia and Helsinki, and professional board of directors. We expect the growth to continue strongly during this year.

The values, however, haven’t changed an inch. We believe in the power of community, adventurous minds, transparency and trustworthiness in everything we do.

From the beginning, it has been crucial for us that we know where from the products are. This we ensure by with an auditing process and our sustainability criteria, which was created together with several experts. The entrepreneurs chosen into Weecos have opened, in detail, their supply chains, working conditions, materials used and their actions of responsibility before entering Weecos.

We gather, with great care, the responsible brands in one place for you. A choice made in Weecos is a good one.

Yours, Anna and Hanna

Fun Fact

Do you know how the name Weecos was created? Our first project name was Ekosti, but well, what can we say... It was too Finnish, and our target was to hit big internationally. Also, it emphasized too much the eko-side.

We wanted, however, a name that reflects both sustainability and community. We wanted the name to have “WE” and searched different names with “WE” in front of it. Then, after some googling, we typed the words “WE” + “ECOS” together and behold the magic: the domain was free! Bye bye Ekosti, hello Weecos!