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Tokkatie 7a
90650 Oulu

OMIAKO comes from Northern Finland, where the nature is nearby. Northern nature is the inspiration to our products, which are minimalist, with clean simple lines and made of natural materials. All our products are designed and handmade in Oulu, Finland.
Behind the OMIAKO brand there is me, Minna. I have always enjoyed handcraft and utilizing various materials in creative way. When I was a child, usually on Christmas we had “Fazerin Parhaat” candies and one of them “kisskiss” candy had superinspiring wrapping, as beneath the main wrapping there was a silver paper around the candy. I collected all the silver papers I could find and utilized them together with various fabrics from my mom, to create new clothing for my barbies. Still various beautiful materials, mainly from nature nowadays, are inspiring me.
Founding a company has been my dream for a long time. At the same time, the idea was very fascinating and attractive but also somehow frightening – would it be bad idea to turn beloved hobby to a job? On the other hand, I was pondering if I regret it big time when retiring if never pursue The Dream. The latter thought was more scary, so I decided to give a try.
Coming up with a name for the company is a huge job. There were few different options, but then I found myself thinking if all these lovely items are really created by me – are they really ours? Omiako means “are they our own” in Finnish. So universe kind of gave me the right name. Later on I heard ”omiyage”, pronounced like omiako, means souvenir in Japan. What a coincidence.
The story of OMIAKO is still very much in the beginning and we are excited when thinking what all the future has for us. You are most warmly welcome to join our journey!


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