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Oikku Design

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Oikku Design

Oikku Design is a one woman design company founded in 2018 in Rovaniemi. Oikku Design designs and makes jewellery from reindeer leather and rhodium plated sterling silver. The inspiration to the jewellery come from the northern nature and its changing seasons and beautiful vivid colors. Shape of the jewellery resembles e.g. dwarf birch leaves or berry bunches.

Oikku Design jewellery collection originate first of all from the love for handmade items and reindeer leather. Reindeer leather is a beautiful material and extremely lightweight and therefore excellent material for jewellery. Oikku Design aims to make long lasting jewellery from high-quality materials and with unique look. Company core values are ecological and sustainable thinking, which can be seen in the material choices but also in the everyday activities.


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