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NOKI products are creations of minimalistic life philosophy, passion for aesthetics and creative artisan lifestyle. Noki Studio is grounded on these values that relate to authenticity and moderateness. The corner stone in our work has always been the usefulness and multipurpose use of the products. We only make articles that endure time and use. Artifacts that do not change with the season. We favour for small series, stable models and custom-made articles. We are against mass production and artificialness. We are very proud of our clothes made with “zero waste” principle which does not result any waste in the making process. We aim for minimizing all loss of materials in everything and we carefully choose the materials we use. We show respect towards handcraft, local design and work. We know the people that are standing behind our artifacts and we do value their professionalism.


Comfortable in Natural Materials

Ida appreciates clothes that last both time and use and feel soft against the skin. See Ida's Weecos favourites!