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We are two siblings from northern Finland. We founded FM/AM Stuff as a company specialising in textiles and accessories in 2012. The idea to start our own company came from our desire to create something hand-made and unique. We print all our products by hand using the silkscreen printing technique which makes each of our individual products unique. Mimmi implements her experience in textile craft when blending the paints and checks the printing quality meticulously. All our illustrations are designed and drawn by us. Pietu takes inspiration from the mundane, to which he adds his own twist and style.

It’s a pleasure to meet you. Enjoy!
Mimmi & Pietu


Bath & Sauna Items for Christmas

Christmas is a great time to pamper your loved ones and yourself. Get a head start for Holidays' relaxation and treat yourself to towels, bathrobes and other items for bath & sauna.

Bright Friday 2019

Weecos Bright Friday comes again - do good with us!

Weecos For Pride

Support the LGBTI rights and Seta with us.