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Suoma is a small a small family company from Fiskars village, Finland. It was established in the end of 2016 inspired by peaceful and fresh Finnish nature and especially the unique surroundings of Fiskars Village. We want to offer sustainably made products for you.

Suoma´s values:

Finnish work - Most of Suoma´s products are made in Finland and mainly in Raseborg. Some of the textile products are sown in a small company in Lithuania.

Kindness - Ecology and sustainability are principal values for us in all parts of production. By buying Suoma products you at the same time support the biodiversity of Finnish nature. We donate 7% of return of whole year to charitable objects.

Quality - We use as durable as possible materials in our products. If we don't succeed at some point - please contact us and we'll try to solve it out.

Aesthetics - One of the three main ancient values. We hope our products will give you restfulness and pleasure.

Reason - Quality over quantity. We don't want produce just something at any price. We hope you find something from our selection but please, buy reasonably.


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