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Niki Newd

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Niki Newd


Niki Newd® is a pioneering luxurious fresh skin care boutique based in Helsinki, Finland.

Niki Newd’s passion is to produce ultra-fresh skin care products from the best natural ingredients in the world. They have taken natural skin care to a whole new level by focusing on nutritious food grade quality and freshness. They believe that the principles applied to healthy food and nutrition should also be applied to skin care. So, when thinking of preparing a wholesome gourmet dinner, what kind of ingredients would you choose? The best ones, of course.

Niki Newd® fresh skin care core principles are:

1. Only the finest gourmet ingredients
2. No preservatives or additives
3. We want you to know what you put on your skin - 100% traceability
4. Freshly handmade

All ingredients used in Niki Newd® products are of the highest quality - natural, fresh and pure. Niki Newd® focuses on using food grade quality (edible) ingredients, and are the first ones to do so! Cosmetic grade ingredients are not suitable for human nutrition, so why would you apply them on your skin?

Because Niki Newd® uses only premium ingredients, they have no need to add anything extra to their products. This is why all products are made without alcohol, preservatives, additives, synthetics and added fragrances. Only 100% natural, pure and fresh ingredients are used.

Niki Newd® wants you to know what you put on your skin: just like a top chef can describe the origin of the ingredients used in a gourmet dish, all of Niki Newd’s ingredients are 100% traceable. All ingredients have been carefully hand-picked from the best, ethical producers and small organic farms around the world. From farm to face – just as Mother Nature intended. In addition, all ingredients are also listed in English - instead of Latin - with honest quality definitions: everything stated straight and clear.

Sounds promising, right? When it comes to ordering Niki Newd® products, Niki Newd® offers exclusivity. Products are never stored and are always freshly blended according to customer’s orders. Products are recommended to be used within 3 months after manufacturing; it is the optimal time to use the products at their very best without the need to add alcohol or preservatives (or would you prefer canned food over fresh produce?). Currently Niki Newd® produces 12 batches annually and products are shipped directly to customers right after manufacturing at the beginning of each month.


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