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miniAHTI backpack, grey / white

99,00 €
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Local production
Made in EU
Made in Finland
Recycled raw materials
Upcycled post-consumer waste
Upcycled pre-consumer waste

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About the brand

The name MUUTE com­bi­nes two Fin­nish words that sum­ma­rize the main va­lue of the la­bel: muu­tos (change) and aate (ideo­logy). The small Hel­sinki ba­sed com­pany de­signs and ma­nu­fac­tu­res back bags and bags from lef­to­ver textiles.Every bag is made with care on Suo­men­linna is­land in front of Hel­sinki with the in­ten­tion to pro­duce re­liable and long-lasting com­pa­nions for your ad­ven­tu­res. MUUTE is known for its ti­me­less de­signs that fit young and old.