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sales@mukava.net, anna@mukava.net
Otavalankatu 3
33100 Tampere

MUKA VA is a Finnish contemporary clothing label for women. MUKA VA practices ”Pure Not Boring” ideology which combines pure scandinavian forms, practicality, high quality and ethical manufacture in Finland. MUKA VA never compromises the design as boring.

MUKA VA designer Anna Mattelmäki is inspired by forms and transforming two-dimensional patterns into three-dimensional products. The product development is done together with MUKA VA team, fans and friends!

Sustainable Classics

Coats from the trenches

Coats have been worn since the prehistoric times, but what's behind classic men's coat styles? We made a selection of Weecos men's coats and looked into their history.
Sustainable Classics

Coated in classics

Did you know that your coat is the result of decades or even centuries of development? We made a selection of our classic coats and looked deeper into the history of the garment.
Sustainable Classics

All-around skirt

Skirts appear in a wide variety of models, styles, sizes and shapes. But how to choose a classic skirt, that can be worn from day to day? And even more, how to make a sustainable choice?