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Miia Halmesmaa

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Miia Halmesmaa


Miia Halmesmaa clothing- and jewelry brand was founded in Turku, Finland. Miia Halmesmaa combines clean lines and monochrome colors with unique details and mixed fabrics in a stylistic and international character.

The collections consists of unique pieces and small series of clothing, accessories and jewelery. The collections are designed and manufactured in Finland with high quality materials. The aim is to get the materials as close as possible and to use recycled and surplus materials in the products.


Copy Caroline's style - the blacker the garment, the better

Caroline's style is simple and comfortable and based on black garments. However, she gets inspired by the 00’s Matrix and the early 70's pop-rock through suburban rap glasses. See Caroline's Weecos-favourites!

Elsa's style bases on Finnish design

Elsa is happy to tell that often the clothes that she wears are made by ecological and ethical domestic brands. See Elsa's Weecos-favourites!

Meriam's bold & feminine style

In everyday life, Meriam favours clothes that feel comfortable in materials, colors and models. But in a party, she definitely wants something glittering! See Meriam's Weecos-favourites.