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Arkadiankatu 31 lh 5
00100 Helsinki

MEM on Paula Malleuksen pitkään kehittämä oma tuotemerkki, joka on syntynyt Remake ompelimon alaisuudessa. MEM tuottaa uusia sarjatuotettavia tuotteita kaikenlaisesta eri tavoin kierrätetyistä materiaaleista. MEM on maailman pioneeri upcycle malliston luonnissa.


The Global Rise of Resale Clothing

Clothing resale is on the rise globally, but can the market overrun small local businesses offering upcycle design?

What are upcycling and downcycling?

Several brands in Weecos utilize the methods of upcycling and downcycling in their products. But what do they mean?
Sustainable Classics

Coated in classics

Did you know that your coat is the result of decades or even centuries of development? We made a selection of our classic coats and looked deeper into the history of the garment.