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Marita Huurinainen

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Marita Huurinainen

info (at) ma-ri-ta.com
Kämp Galleria
Pohjoisesplanadi 29
00100 Helsinki

The Marita Huurinainen brand was launched in 2013. Marita Huurinainen; one of the founders and the lead designer behind the brand has always believed in a philosophy, that the designs should be beautiful yet lasting in both their style and quality, so that they remain in use for many years, a lifetime or maybe more in the best case.

The enchanting change of seasons in Finland strongly influences the mood of the collections. The designs of the Spring/Summer collections are light & colourful like the summertime and the Autumn/Winter collections are dark and mystic like the wintertime.

Nature has always been the starting point in Marita`s designs, for both inspiration and as a source of material. It´s important to recognize our heritage and respect it, and at the same time integrate it cooperatively as a living and functioning part of today´s modern world. This philosophy is perfectly expressed in Marita’s design concepts.

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