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mainoa DESIGN
Kauppakeskus Rinteenkulma
Koskikatu 25
96200 Rovaniemi

mainoa DESIGN is a brand of mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN -shops own products. mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN is a shop of the small finnish design brands, located in Rovaniemi, Arctic Circle, in northen Finland.

Professional manufacturing and high-quality design of the products makes them long lasting. The mainoa DESIGN products have been named after Lapland fells and other place names, like Ailigas or Kaldoaivi, which tells about their northern origin.

At the moment, the collection of mainoa DESIGN products, are mainly gold- or silver-plated jewelry made of wood. The mainoa DESIGN jewelery is a real local product: All the wood material used has grown just a few kilometers from its manufacturing workshop, either in its authors, or her friends and relatives yards or forests.

mainoa DESIGN -jewellerys are designed and manufactured by designer, Master of Arts Irma Annanpalo-Tuisku, who is also an entrepreneur of mainoa CRAFT & DESIGN -shop, founded in 2008.


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