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Luonnon lumoama

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Luonnon lumoama


I have always liked photographing. When I was a child I received a red pocket camera for a christmas gift; I took a lot of pictures. A hobby grew a bit more ambitious in artschool with my new camera. Photographing became a part of my art. In my first art exhibitions there were pictures about abandoned houses in the countryside printed traditionally on photopaper but also more experimental way on birchbark.

Few years ago I got excited about Instagram. Huge source of visual inspiration made me creative. First I took photos little bit of everything with my iphone, until for some reason, I found myself more often in the middle of nature; photographing butterflies or sunrise. I found out that nature had become important for me in a new way. Suddenly the quality of my mobilephone's camera was not enough. I took my SLR and went to the forest. I became Luonnon lumoama (enchanted by nature).

It is interesting to follow the change of the seasons. It is unbelievable that I needed a camera between me and nature to discover for example different red shades of rowan berries. I spent my childhood years in the countryside and saw only forest from my room window. Maybe nature was too close then. Sometimes you really have to travel a long way to find what is near.


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