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Behind LuKLabel is me, Tiia Hakala.
I have over ten years of experience in the retail sector. I can foresee future trends and I know how to maintain quality customer service. In August 2016, after having children, I made the bold decision to start following my dream of entrepreneurship and I found my place right away.
My whole family is actually behind the company, with each member having been involved in the business and its development from a young age. In collaboration with my husband's company, we started creating the first LuKLabel collection. Our children, Luca and Kianna, are involved in the success of the collection and are the source of product inspiration. They also created the name of our company, LuKLabel.
LuKLabel originated from the idea of boldly doing something different. Our goal is to make products that have a touch of something special and that speak to our customers. Our products are aimed at those who value elegance and quality, both in children's products and in home decoration.
At the moment, our team employs experts in various fields who are developing our business and building the LuKLabel story towards our goals.


LuKLabel products are designed in direct collaboration with customers, by manufacturing timeless products that meet their needs. It is accompanied by a 30-person LuKLabel design team whose dreams we are driving forwards together. The products are designed for children, as well as for home decoration. In the coming years, the collection will be further expanded, and the business will be bolder and fresher.
Each of our product designs is finely polished and finished to give the best results. Our story began by using cardboard as the main raw material, which we boldly played with and constantly looked for new prints. We aim to build our collection so skilfully that during the manufacturing process only the right number of products is produced, so we do not encourage unnecessary purchasing hysteria, but we encourage the customer to consider whether our product is a necessary investment. We also strive to produce long lasting products for our customers, and it is the quality of the product that is the starting point for our designs.
The aim is to design the collections to be timeless, meaning that the LuKLabel team develops and creates ideas for new products and plays with different materials, however, always closely following LuKLabel's visual appearance. At present, we have four factories to manufacture our products; they are located in Finland, Portugal, and Estonia. Product manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure that quality and value guarantees are met in accordance with LuKLabel standards.
Our most important value is customer service, which we cherish. We do not compromise with this, we always do our best to delight our customers. Another important thing for us is to take responsibility for our actions. We avoid, for example, using plastic in our products and packaging, and we strive to utilize waste material in our new products.
LuKLabel – #madeinfearless – with customers for customers.

Our goal is to grow with our customers, creating a community where our customers are part of the process.
This is the beginning - take your place and join in to create the story!

Tiia and the LuKLabel team


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