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LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO is a poetically minimalistic brand with a twist. LAURIAJARVINENSTUDIO loves using black, as it is timeless and strong color. Brands signature forms are oversized, flowy and with Scandinavian aesthetics. LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO has his own style and own vision; brand wants to offer people timeless, good quality designs with edginess. 

LAURIJARVINENSTUDIO value proposition is to deliver locally made beautiful, timeless, long-lasting garments with responsibility. Designer wants to fight against the fast fashion and offer timeless quality garments to his target customer.


Weecos For Pride

Support the LGBTI rights and Seta with us.

Pride Jewelry

We all have the right to be seen and heard and to love.

Ida's favorites from Weecos

In Ida's wardrobe, there is a lot of black, powder pink and graphic prints. Which Weecos products Ida chose as her favorites?