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Pappilantie 75 B 2
96300 Rovaniemi

Hi! My name is Saana Lapinkangas, and I'm a founder and only worker in Lapinkettu's company. I was born 1991 in Oulu, but Lapland has always been very close to my heart. My mother is born and raised in North, so I quess it's in my blood. Lapinkettu means Fox of Lapland, and it contains all the things that are dear to me - animals ja nature of Lapland. I hope you can see all these things in our art, products design and ecofriendly values.

Lapinkettu was born in early 2016. I'm trained as graduate and wood artisan, but as an artist and designer I'm self-educated.

We use only Finnish manufacturers, and do as much by hand as possible. Personally it's very important to me, that we use renewable and local resources, such as wood and reindeer leather. Products need to feel warm and familiar, and bring joy for years.


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