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Kuula + Jylhä

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Kuula + Jylhä

Two finnish designers, Essi Kuula and Marika Jylhä are forming together a creative footwear and accessories studio. Their work is a lot about experiments, but always also respecting the traditions of well made objects. In their design playfulness and sculptural forms meets beautiful combination of natural materials.

Kuula + Jylhä shoes and accessories are made in Helsinki and Tallinn with time and passion. Collections consists of unique pieces and small series.

"From our design team Kuula is living in Helsinki, Finland and Jylhä in Tallinn, Estonia. As a result we have design studios both in Helsinki and Tallinn and the designing and producing of our products is naturally happening in between these two cities.

The uppers of our shoes are sewn at our own studio and the soles are attached by local cobbler. Bags and other accessories are sewn besides at our own studio, also at a small bag factory a stone’s throw away from our Tallinn studio. The wooden parts of our products are made by local carpenter from Northern Ostrobothnia, Finland.

Our leathers come from Italy and Spain and in our wooden parts we use mostly finnish birch, aspen and rowan."


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