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Kolme Cosmetics

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Kolme Cosmetics
Ulvomäentie 8
04130 Sipoo

Toxfree skin care products made in Finland with domestic ingredients and ecological attitude. We want to make skin care as simple and functional as possible. We believe that unmodified and pure raw materials play a key role in this endeavor. The product range includes anhydrous & preservative-free toxfree skin care products and functional bar soaps. These natural soaps can be recognized by shape, even with the eyes closed in the shower!

All our products are handmade and we collect or grow flowers and herbs ourselves. The raw materials are mainly GRAS-labeled, meaning they are also suitable for food. The colors are directly from natural products (eg seeds, clays, nettle, calendula) and the scents are genuine essential oils. We prefer domestic ingredients and use Sulapac 100% biodegradable packaging in our creams.

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