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My name is Essi and I am industrial designer from northern Ostrobothnia, Finland. I graduated 2012 and since, I have had a dream of having my own little design brand.

After few years, when I was expecting my little son, I started to draw and create my business. When my little son was here, he helped me to make my brand how it is today. My child is my biggest inspiration; of course I do my business only when I have time to do it. Kaverini means “my friend” in Finnish. As my son is my little friend.

About my products, I use quality materials and all products are made in Finland. For me, it is very important to know, where my products are made. My Finnish friends and colleagues are close, so I can meet and talk with them about product making.

This company, my brand, is still taking baby steps. I started Kaverini Designs on summer 2016 and this is only the beginning.

Essi Peltoniemi


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