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Såggatan 34
41458 Gothenburg

JENNYVEXALA is a mixture of art, design and craftsmanship. Handmade accessories in limited edition. Recycled materials from a non profit organization.

JENNYVEXALA designs allowing material access control: “Recycling of and access to materials imposes restrictions. Boundaries and framework that challenge and stimulate creativity.”

The patterns are based on a system. The geometrical shapes of the jigsaw-puzzle creates a matrix. Each puzzle piece forms its own figure. Figures burst out of a mental virgin forest of fantasy, play and an ongoing construction.

JENNYVEXALA design is deeply rooted in the atmosphere of the Finnish countryside. The rough and genuine landscape of the childhood in Vexala. These aesthetics converge with the love of futurism, minimalism and urban expression.

JENNYVEXALA is all about identity, authenticity, craftsmanship and sustainability.

JENNYVEXALA is patina, passion and precision.