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The lifestyle surrounding summer cottages is perhaps the most important aspect of Finnish culture. A rite of passage where traditions are passed down through generations. Where a sauna is not simply a hot room, but a space to relax and create bonds. Where the scent of birch wood and fresh water become imprinted as childhood memories, and the feel of moss on a barefoot immediately transports you to that special summer. The cottage itself functioning as both the nostalgic cache of youth, and a start of a new heritage, that welcoming space where families seek out loved ones.

Isleande (pronounced island) serves as a gentle reminder of home, infusing the simple pleasures of Nordic living with Caribbean charm. The collection features easy-to-wear, breathable pieces inspired by sauna culture and summer cottage activities from keittiö to kokko and everything in between. Simply, it is designed for young children to explore the joys of recreational living, and for parents and grandparents who want to pass on their way of life to their children, regardless of locale.

Designed for children from ages 2 to 10 years, each piece is made from linen, a textile revered for its strength, breathability and naturally eco-friendly manufacturing. The collection is sourced and made in Portugal, which is renowned for high quality linen products, and strong adherence to ethical production and labour standards. A common sense approach to creating timeless, durable pieces for that lasting midsummer feeling.

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